My three favorite parts of this game:

1. Sean Johnson 2. The US goal  3. This damn celebratory dance



“I have to look at it. I knew that they had pushed a lot of numbers forward so when the ball broke, a lot of us had almost cheated, for lack of a better word. Like I said, we had to rely on our back four and Michael, really, to do a good job of stopping their counter attacks. When the ball came I wanted to take a good touch forward and be aggressive right away, and I had a lot of options. At the moment I chose Jozy, and he did a good job of putting a dangerous ball in to Clint, who did a great job of making an effort to get in front of the goalie and then it just bounced there.” via

"Finally, I was reminded of the power of this sport last night. My team, the Chicago Fire, were losing 2-0 in what just might have meant the end of the line for head coach Denis Hamlett, despite the team being well in playoff contention. Then came 3 Fire goals in twenty minutes for a remarkable comeback. A friend of mine had been particularly distraught by the score up until the third goal, as he’d been waiting for the right moment to do something important: following that goal, he got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of the pandemonium of Section 8, at the stadium where they’d first met. She, of course, accepted."